CNC Rotation and Milling

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Within metal-cutting processing, we offer everything from concept to finished product. We can do this because we have the latest technology within three and five-axis milling. Rotation with rotating tools and rod charging.


CNC rotation:

Ø 360 x 900, swing over side members 520
perforation 85
Y - axes
Rod automation Ø75
Band discharging

CNC rotation:

Ø 340 x 800,  swing over side members 520
perforation 70
C axes
Rod automation Ø65

Ø 340 x 400, swing over side members 520
perforation 70,
C axes

Ø 400 x 500, turn over side members 510
perforation 70

CNC processing centres:

Five-axes simultaneous
x-3000, y-800, z-700, 2000 kg
48 tools
18,000 revs./interior 30 bar cooling

x-1030, y-530, z-630, 600 kg
30 tools
10,000 revs./interior 15 bar cooling

x-500, y-380, z-300, 200 kg
10 tools

x-480, y-400, z-540, 300 kg
20 tools,
Pallet exchanger
Interior cooling

Band saw Ø 200

CNC band saw with automatic
feed, Ø 250 – two machines

Circular saw Ø 120

Alu circular saw Ø 170

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